Compassionate Release

Federal statute allows the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to request compassionate release for an offender in extraordinary circumstances. The BOP recently modified its policies to allow for greater use of its authority to move for compassionate release after reports reflected an underuse of this authority. If you or your loved one needs assistance in this area, contact us today.

While compassionate release is now being supported by the BOP more frequently, compassionate release still remains difficult to obtain. In general, inmates will not be considered for compassionate release unless:

1) the inmate has a terminal illness;

2) is confined to a wheelchair or bed for 50% or more of the day; or

3) the inmate has children who has lost their non-incarcerated caregiver due to illness or death.

A request for compassionate release is made to the Warden of the institution first. If approved, the request is transmitted to the BOP in Washington, DC for consideration. If the Director of the BOP approves the request, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will then file a motion with the inmate’s sentencing court requesting immediate release.

DON’T WAIT!! If you or your loved one needs assistance in this area, contact us today.

Two aging male inmates

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