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Jeremy Gordon, Federal Defense Attorney
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Attorney Jeremy Gordon

Jeremy Gordon worked as a prosecutor for five years.  Now he represents those charged with Federal Crimes.  His practice is 100 percent Federal Defense.  

What we do

Covid-19 Relief

Seek a reduction in sentence before you get infected with coronavirus.

§ 2255 Motions

Seek a Motion to Vacate.  Challenge your conviction or sentence.  


Make the best argument before the court hands down their sentence.  

Direct Appeals

Bring up the errors that were made by the District Court on your case.  

Supreme Court

Get your case heard by the highest court in the land

3582 Relief

Seek a compassionate release by either the Prison System or the Court


Seek a pardon or a commutation from the President of the United States 

Halfway House

Get off to a fresh start sooner with more halfway house or home confinement 

Case Reviews

Get your case reviewed and have your questions answered.  

An award winning Firm

Recognized For Excellence

In addition to over sixty favorable client verdicts in the last seven years, the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has received several professional awards including 

Jeremy Gordon, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Any Case, Anywhere.  

The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon represents individuals in all Federal Crimes throughout the United States. This Includes:

Fraud Charges
Government Investigations/Target Letters
Health Care Fraud Charges
Identity Theft and Computer Fraud Charges
Money Laundering
Sex Crimes
Conspiracy Charges
Federal Drug Charges
And All Other Crimes Across the United States.

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