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Defense Attorneys

Jeremy Gordon is a federal criminal defense lawyer with a lengthy record of successful acquittals and appeals in federal cases.

  • Former Chief Prosecutor of Harris County
  • 10 Years of Experience in Federal Courts
  • A Passionate Advocate For Defendants & Families

Get experienced legal representation for all stages of federal criminal cases. Talk with a member of the firm today.

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Areas of Practice

Aggressive Defense Against Federal Cases

Federal prosecutors rely on voluminous records and complex procedures to gain convictions and lengthy sentencing. Those tactics won’t work against our firm. We aggressively pursue all avenues available to protect your freedom—for a truly holistic approach to law.

Federal Drug Charges

Get help from passionate legal professionals with a proven record of fighting federal drug charges, from simple drug possession to conspiracy.  
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Fraud/White Collar Crimes

Trust your defense to a law office that routinely secures acquittals and sentence reductions for clients accused of white-collar crimes including embezzlement, insurance fraud, and securities fraud.
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Target Letters

Call us for a rapid response to your target letter. We can halt investigations, negotiate pre-indictment agreements, and help you decide whether to cooperate or go to trial.
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About Jeremy Gordon

A Former Prosecutor Turned Criminal Defense Attorney

Jeremy Gordon, Attorney at Law, is uniquely equipped to defend you against federal charges.

Mr. Gordon began his career as assistant district attorney in Harris County and, later, rose to the position of chief prosecutor.

In 2012, Mr. Gordon founded a practice to combat abuses in the federal system. So, how does our firm win favorable outcomes for clients? It’s simple. We know how the system works and how to beat it.

Meet Our Legal Team

Responsive Service

Have a question or concern? We respond promptly to calls and emails, regardless of case size or scope. Clients and families come first.

Successful Track Record

We've secured hundreds of years in sentence reductions for clients across the United States.

Experienced Leadership

Your defense will be spearheaded by Jeremy Gordon, our principal attorney with nine years of legal experience with Federal Criminal Law, and twelve years of overall legal experience.

Aggressive Defense

Our firm sets a relentless pace prosecutors struggle to match. That's how we protect your freedom - we out-maneuver, out-think, and out-work the prosecution.


"I am ever so grateful to Jeremy Gordon and all he has done for me to get my son home. Jeremy Gordon is a lawyer that listens and is empathetic to his clients despite their circumstances."
Bridgette Green
Federal Fraud Charge
“Great experience …the results were better than expected. My brother is now out of jail because of the hard work and persistence of Jeremy Gordon and his team. I am extremely grateful to them!”
Sister, Federal Fraud Charges

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January 16, 2022
Bureau of Prisons Issues Responses to Comments, Updates FSA Rules

On January 14 2022, the Federal Bureau of Prisons responded to several comments from the public regarding their proposed Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Program Rules.

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January 3, 2022
Non-Retroactive Sentencing Changes + Other Facts Support CR Motions: McCall

The McCall case further complicated the Compassionate Release Landscape in the Sixth Circuit.

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December 22, 2021
DOJ: Persons on CARES Act Home Confinement Not Required to Return to Prison

The Department of Justice has had a change of heart and will leave the decisions about returning to prison on an individual basis.

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