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The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon: any case, any stage, anywhere in the U.S.

Since 2012

Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has been an award-winning criminal defense firm since 2012.

Clients PLUS

We are a client-centered firm. Therefore, we respond promptly to calls and e-mails from clients and their families.

History of Success

In the last 4 years, The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has had over 70 successes. Accordingly, we have a history of positive outcomes.

Former Prosecutor

Since 2012, The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has taken on cases from all fifty states in numerous districts and has over seventy favorable outcomes. We are dedicated to fighting for you or your loved one’s freedom by providing professional, ethical, and aggressive criminal defense. Learn more about our team here.

The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon, Criminal Defense Attorneys

“I am ever so grateful to Jeremy Gordon and all he has done for me to get me home. Jeremy Gordon is a lawyer that listens and is empathetic to his clients despite their circumstances.”

Bridgette Green