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Legal Process

If a crime is brought to the attention of federal authorities (usually by a victim or witness), a federal law enforcement agency will investigate to determine whether any federal laws have been broken, and if so, by whom. Not all crimes are federal crimes, but if you or a loved one has come under suspicion, you need the advice of a qualified lawyer.


Target Letters, Investigations, Arrest and Bail, and Indictment

Once you become a target in the government’s investigation, you need an attorney offering pretrial services on your side. From target letters to indictment, the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has your back.

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Plea & Trial

Plea Agreements, the Trial Process, and Offers to Cooperate

If you’ve been indicted, you WILL need an attorney to help you navigate plea deals and trial with expertise.

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Whether you pled guilty or went to trial, you will need a federal sentencing attorney to help guide you through the sentencing process.

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From Case Reviews to appeals, clemency, and other post-conviction motions, The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon specializes in Post Conviction Relief. We know sentencing can be disappointing, but we are committed to continuing to fight for your loved one’s freedom.

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At The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon, we fight aggressively for our clients. We are experienced, and know what it takes to present a successful defense in a federal criminal case. For prompt, courteous and skilled representation as your federal criminal defense attorney, contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation.
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