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June 9, 2022
First Circuit Grants Habeas Relief on Batson Claim

Porter was charged in a state case with murder, firearms offenses, and assault with a deadly weapon. During Porter’s jury selection, only one member of the venire was African American, Juror 103. Juror 103 requested a sidebar with the trial judge, explained he worked at a state institution, and stated that the outcome of the […]

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April 12, 2022
Seventh Circuit Decides 2241 Appeal and Savings Clause Issue: Franklin v. Keyes

Facts:  Serial Burglar Gets Challenges ACCA Conviction Franklin was sentenced in the District of Minnesota for a federal firearms offense.  He was enhanced under the Armed Career Criminal Act for three prior convictions of Minnesota burglary and two Illinois residential burglary cases.  He did not appeal or file a 2255 within the normal one-year timeframe. […]

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November 22, 2020
Goodman vs. Ortiz and the ability to get Time credits early

In Goodman vs. Ortiz, the District of New Jersey Granted 2241 relief to an inmate that had taken classes as part of the Risk and Needs Assessment Program.

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