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What Is A Federal Halfway House?

A federal halfway house is a home in a residential area that houses federal offenders who are near the end of their sentences. Halfway houses are also known as residential reentry centers.  Federal halfway houses are designed to help offenders reintegrate into the community by providing them with services that help them get jobs and treatment they may need.

Federal halfway houses provide offenders access to drug and alcohol treatment and other rehabilitative services. Offenders are able to leave the halfway house for work, education, and other responsibilities. Offenders must generally spend their evenings in the halfway house. There are male and female halfway houses. Some are co-ed. Most federal halfway houses do not allow violent offenders or sex offenders to reside there.

Federal offenders who are in pre-release programs at federal halfway houses are still considered inmates and are placed there when they are near the end of their sentences. These offenders have not officially been released from prison and may be ordered to return to prison if they violate any conditions of their release. After the offender completes their time at the halfway house, they are released and usually placed on supervised release.

Home Confinement

Federal offenders who are under home confinement are monitored by telephone or an electronic monitoring system. The Federal Bureau of Prisons allows offenders to serve the last part of their sentence on home confinement, but for no more than six months. Offenders on home confinement are permitted to work, attend religious services, and allowed one four-hour recreation pass each week.

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