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BOP Evidence-Based Recidivism Reduction Programs

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As part of the First Step Act (FSA) implementation, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is required to perform assessments on BOP inmates using the Department of Justice’s risk and needs assessment tool known as the Prisoner Assessment Tool Targeting Estimated Risk and Need (PATTERN). The tool is designed to measure risk of recidivism of inmates. 

One of the factors considered in PATTERN is the nature of programs and productive activities the inmate has participated in and completed while incarcerated. The Evidence-based Recidivism Reduction (EBRR) Programs and Productive Activities (PA) are programs recognized by the BOP to assist inmates in addressing different needs and to set up an individual to transition out of prison. The below programs are different EBRRs and PAs that the BOP recognizes.  A full list and description of these programs can be found here

  • Bureau Literacy Program: reading, math, and writing skills leading to high school equivalency. The duration on the program is dependent on inmate progress but generally totals 240 hours. This program can be found in all BOP institutions. 
  • Occupational Education Program: vocational training and marketable skills in a wide variety of trades. Duration of the program varies dependent on the training and averages 500 hours of instruction. This program is available at all BOP institutions. 
  • Federal Prison Industries: the trade name is UNICOR, a job skills program. This program can be indefinite in duration and is available at some BOP institutions. There are 57 factories and 2 farms at 51 BOP facilities where the program is offered. 
  • National Parenting from Prison Program: program is focused on family engagement and parenting skills. This is available at all BOP institutions and averages 2 hours per week, 40 hours in total. 
  • BRAVE: cognitive behavioral therapy for young males with a first offense. Duration of the program is 6 months, 20 hours per week. This is available at the Beckley Victorville facility. 
  • Challenge: cognitive behavioral therapy for high security males focused on substance use and mental illness intervention. This program is a minimum of 9 months, 20 hours per week. This is available at 17 high security facilities.
  • Female Integrated Treatment: cognitive behavioral therapy for women addressing mental illness, trauma, substance use and vocational needs. This program duration varies based on the individual need and is available at the Danbury facility. 
  • Mental Health Step Down Program: cognitive behavioral therapy for serious mental illness inmates. This program lasts for 12-19 months at 20 hours per week. This is available at the Allenwood, Atlanta, and Butner facilities. 
  • Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program: cognitive behavioral therapy for inmates with diagnosed substance use disorder. This lasts for 9 months, 20 hours per week and is located at 88 locations. 

Below is a list deemed Productive Activities (PA) by BOP. The full recognized list can be found here

  • English-as-a-Second Language: This program depends on inmate progress and is a minimum of 1.5 hours daily. This is available at all BOP institutions.
  • Drug Education: The duration of this program varies but is available at all BOP institutions. 
  • Sex Offender Treatment Program: this is a residential and non-residential program. This program lasts 9-12 months and is 12 hours per week. It is available at the Carswell, Devens, Elkton, Englewood, Petersburg, Marianna, Marion, Seagoville, and Tucson facilities.
  • Ultra Key 6: The Ultimate Keyboarding Tutor: typing skills. This program is a self-paced program and is available at all BOP institutions. 
  • A Healthier Me in the BOP: this is an educational wellness program for women. This lasts 1.25 hours per week for four session. This is available at all female sites. 

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