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DOJ Inspector Report Finds Misconduct Between Warden and Employee

An Inspector General's Report indicates that a Warden and Employee Engaged in Misconduct and did not disclose the relationship.

The Office of the Inspector General, an internal watchdog at the Department of Justice, has made a finding of misconduct between a warden and an employee.  According to the report, the warden engaged in a close personal relationship with the subordinate and did not disclose this information before engaging in other important action regarding the employee:

The OIG investigation found that the Warden had a close personal relationship with the subordinate and violated the BOP Standards of Conduct by failing to obtain written authorization to participate in, or failing to recuse from, employment actions concerning the subordinate, including writing the subordinate’s annual performance review, providing the subordinate with a monetary performance award, naming the subordinate to an acting supervisory position, and promoting the subordinate temporarily.

The report indicated that the matter had been referred to the BOP for further action but no word on if disciplinary action has been taken yet.  

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