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Federal Prison and Legal Roundup for March 20, 2021

A list of articles about law and justice from around the web that relate to federal prisoners and their loved ones .

Every day, I get news from several places online that pertains to federal criminal defense and federal prisons.  I get more than I can write detailed blogs about.  Here are some of them:

Why the Biden Administration's choice to Lead the Bureau of Prisons Matters-the Appeal

President Biden and Attorney General Garland have the opportunity to replace Carvajal with a new Director.  The Appeal interviews intellectuals, former Correctional officers and even some inmates to determine who that should be, with some even positing that it should be a person with a public health background or even a former inmate.

Thirsty, Cold and Scooping Feces with their Hands: Crisis in Reality Winner's Texas Prison-The Intercept 

The Federal Medical Center in Carswell was one of several North Texas Prisons that experienced harsh conditions in February 2021.

Press Release: AG Racine Leads Coalition of 19 Attorneys General Supporting Fair Resentencing For Low-Level Drug Offenses Under First Step Act-The DC Line

A coalition of state attorneys general file a brief that the First Step Act's Reforms should protect both low-and high-level drug offenders in an upcoming Supreme Court case.

Merrick Garland says he has 'great' concern about federal use of the death penalty, which surged under Trump-USA Today

The federal death penalty may be going back under moratorium under Attorney General Garland, who cited the alarming number of exonerations in recent years.

Bureau of Prisons Caucus Renewed-Daily Item

A group of federal congressmen form a caucus in order to propose reforms in the Bureau of Prisons

Federal Report Says Women In Prison Receive Harsher Punishments Than Men-NPR

The United States Commission on Civil Rights Publishes a Study showing that women receive harsher punishments than men, citing examples from NPR reports

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