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Justice Reform Headed to Congress

The Safer Detention Act, Prohibiting Punishment of Acquitted Conduct Act and FIRST STEP Implementation Act may pass as justice reform soon.

Axios reports that Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley are working to pass a big criminal justice reform package in Congress.  The Axios article indicates that the bills that have been passed out of committee “would broaden [the FIRST STEP Act’s] impact, make it easier for elderly incarcerated people to be released from prison, and prevent prosecutors from using actions for which defendants have been acquitted to win a longer sentence.”

***These bills sound like the FIRST STEP Implementation Act (S.1014/HR 3510), the Prohibited Prosecution of Acquitted Conduct Act (S. 601/HR 1621), and Safer Detention Act, (S.312/HR 3669)***

The Article also points to the passage of the EQUAL Act out of the house judiciary committee and going to the full floor.  As we have indicated the EQUAL Act “would eliminate disparities in sentencing for powder and crack cocaine offenses and allow some inmates to appeal their sentence.”

The article notes that the bipartisan cosponsors and passage of the EQUAL Act out of the House Judiciary Committee is a good sign for justice reform.  Senate bills can be packaged with the House Bills and pass congress.

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