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Federal Prison Reading List for March 26, 2021

A list of articles about law and justice from around the web that relate to federal prisoners and their loved ones .

Every day, I get news from several places online that pertains to federal criminal defense and federal prisons.  I get more than I can write detailed blogs about.  Here are some of them:

Love your Inmate Organizes Plane Flyover of Lompoc Federal Prison  

Family and friends of people incarcerated at the Lompoc Federal Prison are reminding them that they are not forgotten.

Four people in Oregon who received both doses of vaccine test positive for coronavirus, NBC News

Important news for federal inmates who are still trying to be safe.  

The Evolution Of America’s Federal Prison Population [Infographic], Forbes 

Information about the peaking and decline of the Federal Prison Population.  

How Effective is a Single Vaccine Dose Agasinst COVID-19?  BBC

Important as many inmates have indicated that they have only gotten one shot.   

Trump Turned the Justice System into a Black Box.  Biden could fix it.  

On the need to reform and support the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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