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Clemency Education: Empowering Change in Federal Prisons

Clemency education for inmates and staff provides opportunity to engage with the Pardon Attorney and her team.

In a significant step towards transparency and clemency education, Pardon Attorney Elizabeth Oyer and her dedicated team recently visited the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Petersburg in Virginia. This Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) facility houses both medium and low-security units for men, along with an adjoining minimum-security camp. This visit, part of a quarterly series, aimed to enlighten inmates and staff about the federal clemency process, providing a valuable opportunity for over 300 individuals to engage with the Pardon Attorney and her team.

Clemency Education: A Quarterly Initiative

This visit to FCI Petersburg marked the fourth in a series of quarterly educational events orchestrated by the Pardon Attorney. The initiative began at FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey, a low-security institution, where over 700 inmates and staff benefited from a day-long series of informative sessions in January. Subsequent visits included United States Penitentiary Lewisburg in Pennsylvania, where the team engaged with over 300 individuals in April, and FCI Aliceville in Alabama, a low-security women's institution, where more than 500 attendees participated in July.

These educational sessions are part of a year-round commitment by the Office of the Pardon Attorney to enhance accessibility and transparency in the clemency process. By bringing clemency education and knowledge directly to the incarcerated population and staff, the initiative seeks to demystify the complexities of clemency and empower individuals with a deeper understanding of their rights and possibilities.

Your Role in the Clemency Process: As family members of the incarcerated, your support is crucial in ensuring that your loved ones are informed about their rights and opportunities within the clemency process. Stay engaged, encourage open conversations, and explore the resources provided by the Pardon Attorney's office. By staying informed, you play a vital role in facilitating positive change.

For more information about the clemency process and additional resources, visit here. Remember, informed individuals drive positive change.

Jeremy's notes:  It is good to hear about the pardon attorney going to prisons and learning more about what incarcerated persons are doing to better themselves.  This pardon attorney does appear to be learning more about inmates. We do note, however, that there is a significant backlog of clemency petitions that go back even as far as Former President Obama. We hope that the pardon attorney's office gets the resources that they need to resolve more petitions and lower the backlog.

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