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Bridgette Green

The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon celebrates the release of Bridgette Green. 

Green suffered from several diseases that would have caused her to be at high risk for serious illness or death if she were to become infected with COVID-19. While in the Bureau of Prisons her condition worsened. She was near the end of her 24-sentence for fraud charges and serving her time at a women’s medical facility.

The Law office of Jeremy Gordon met with her and filed her motion. The court ordered the government to respond and ordered us to submit a release plan for the claimant. The government, noting that Green  was being considered for home confinement under the CARES Act and noting that she was not a danger to the community, agreed that she was an appropriate candidate for compassionate release.

The court granted the compassionate release after a 14 day quarantine and ordered that the remaining time on her sentence be added to hear term of supervised release. We caught up with her a few weeks ago and found her to be in good spirits.

See US v. Bridgette Green, 2:18-cr-00240-MMB Document 61, Filed 5/22/2020.

In her own words...

My name is Bridgette Green and I was charged with Aggravated Identity theft in 2018. On August 8,2019 I was sentenced to 24 months at FMC Carswell, a federal medical facility for women. 

I have several autoimmune diseases which was the reason I was sent to this facility. This also put me in a facility far away from the state where I resided. 

My condition started to rapidly decline.  I also developed other medical issues. I knew I would not be able to get better while in this setting. I also knew I committed a crime that required a sanction. 

This decline in my health prompted me to start the process of filing for compassionate release so that I could continue my sentence in my home.  This would allow me to receive the medical treatments I require in my home by a nurse.

This was my first time being arrested and being in prison, so I was not knowledgeable about the process of filing compassionate release. I went to the library daily and figured it out.

I was denied in November 2019 by the Warden which resulted in me filing my BP-9 administrative remedy immediately which was also denied. The next step was to file the BP-10 which was also denied. Then I filed the BP11 and was awaiting an answer.

However, in the process of these filings, COVID -19 had become a pandemic and the prison was at high risk for being exposed. This frightened me as my health conditions made me highly susceptible to the virus and my immune system would more than likely not be able to fight the infection successfully.

I had a friend contact Jeremy Gordon because the lawyer I had on retainer in my state stopped responding to me. My friend emailed me once she spoke to Jeremy and the words he used made me feel confident that I had made the right choice.

She informed me that he called her back immediately and was able to answer all her questions. Once my family agreed with my decision and I signed the contact Jeremy came to Carswell to visit me four days later March 14th. He came to meet me and discussed my case with me for over 2hrs. He was attentive, kind, personable. His words gave me hope, which I had not had since being sentenced.

When he left his last words to me were that he was going to get me out of Carswell before the pandemic hit. That Friday, after our visit, the prison shut down and no visits were allowed.

Jeremy continued to make contact with my family as well as me through email and mail correspondence.  I kept him updated on what was happening in the prison.

Inmates contracted COVID and were on ventilators. Jeremy and I worked together for the next few months. I kept him informed of inmate releases and my declining health. 

There were so many things going on in the world and in the prison. I was growing anxious and even more fearful that my life was at risk.

Yes, I committed a white-collar crime and, yes, a sanction was warranted, but I didn’t deserve to die.  Jeremy continued to provide me with words of encouragement while also keeping me updated on his efforts to get my sentencing judge to hear my motion.

On. May 26, 2020,  I was taken to quarantine in the prison and was told that my motion for compassionate release was granted and I was going home on June 10th!  I was granted time severed after serving 9 months and 1 day in prison.

I was now going home to get consistent medical care and start my journey to get my health back to baseline. Because of Jeremy and his efforts, I was now able to return home to my maternal grandparents and paternal grandmother as both my parents are deceased. My grandparents have been my support since my parents’  untimely death.

I am ever so grateful to Jeremy Gordon and all he has done for me to get me home.  Jeremy Gordon is a lawyer that listens and is empathetic to his clients despite their circumstances.

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