Government Investigations

Target Letter And Government Investigations

Have you been told that you are under federal investigation? Have you received a target letter? A target letter is the first step in many federal investigations. But a target letter does not have to lead to a federal indictment. This is why it is so important to have competent representation at the earliest stages of a federal criminal investigation.

We may be able help you avoid all federal charges. Alternatively, a negotiated settlement may be obtained. In cases where the evidence is weak, for instance, you may be permitted to enter into pre-trial diversion. Pre-trial diversion is a special program that allows you to complete certain conditions in exchange for the federal government not pursuing criminal charges. No entry of a guilty plea is necessary with pre-trial diversion, and thus no conviction ever exists on your record. Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation.

In cases where no charges or pre-trial diversion is not possible, an agreement to enter a plea to lesser charges may be obtained.

The amount of resources given to a particular government investigation is dictated by many factors, including:

  • The size and composition of the ongoing criminal activity
  • The geographic regions involved
  • Past criminal activities
  • Intended criminal goals, and the
  • Potential of the targets of the investigation to inflict harm on others

The government gives high priority to investigations involving terrorism, bribery, gambling, health care fraud, wire fraud, and theft of technology.

If you have received a target letter from a U.S. Attorney’s Office, it is very important that you contact an attorney today. Your freedom is important, and we know what steps to take in order to ensure that your rights are protected.

Have you or a loved one been charged with or convicted of a federal crime? You need an experienced Federal Defense Lawyer who can help fight for your freedom. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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