Rule 35 Cooperation

Cooperating with the government before or after sentencing can increase your chances of a sentence reduction if done correctly. The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has achieved great successes helping our clients benefit from Rule 35 Cooperation. 

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The Basics

Rule 35 cooperation is a post-conviction relief remedy in the federal court system. Namely, a person accused or convicted of a crime provides evidence to the government so that a prosecutor will reduce their recommended sentence.

How Can I Benefit From Rule 35?

Because of it’s highly discretionary nature, substantial assistance situations usually involve many levels of negotiation. As such, working with a post-conviction attorney with experience remains critical. 

Firstly, quick action often proves important in obtaining the best possible outcome in you or your loved one’s case. Simply put, the faster you get someone in your corner, the better your chances of successful relief. Luckily, Jeremy’s experience in post-conviction relief suits him perfectly to this kind of case. 

If you believe that you could provide substantial assistance to the government we highly encourage you to reach out to our office. We will help to evaluate your case and discuss how best to leverage your assistance through Rule 35. Exceptional representation will help you get the best results for the assistance provided.

How We Can Help:

If retained our office would begin by discussing the kind of information you have. Firstly, we would reach out to the prosecutor in your case if you have already provided assistance. We would then reach out to the prosecutor to begin negotiations by outlining your help. 

If you have not yet provided assistance, we would guide you through the process of giving the government information. Afterwards, we would help you use Rule 35 to negotiate a sentence reduction. 

Additionally, our representation would also shift based on whether you have already been sentenced. 

If you would like to pursue Rule 35 Cooperation, contact our office to talk about your options.