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Once you become a target in the government’s investigation, you need an attorney offering pretrial services on your side. From target letters to indictment, the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has your back.

pretrial services

Target Letters

If you become the target of a government investigation, you will sometimes receive a target letter. Because our office offers pretrial services, we can guide you on how to best respond to this. Importantly, you can use this foresight to your advantage. Click here for more information.


If you are a person suspected of criminal activity, then you will undergo investigation by law enforcement and prosecutors. Afterwards, they will decide your level of involvement in any potential criminal proceedings. Importantly, a pretrial lawyer can help guide you through this investigation. 

Arrest and Bail-Pretrial

If an investigation implicates you in a criminal case, then you may be arrested. If you are arrested, you can expect certain things. Additionally, you will need to know about bail. As part of our pretrial services, we can help guide you through this precarious series of events. 


If, after an investigation, prosecutors and investigators decide you could be involved in a criminal case, then the government will likely indict you. At this point, you will definitely need the assistance of a pretrial attorney. 

After Indictment, you will have to consider a trial or a plea deal. Because the assistance of an attorney is essential in these areas, The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon offers not only pretrial services, but trial and plea representation as well. Click here to find out what to do after you’re indicted.