Is Your Loved One In Federal Prison Because of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel?

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Post-Conviction Relief Option – § 2255 Motion (Ineffective Assistance of Counsel)

Is your loved one in federal prison because of ineffective assistance of counsel? It is critically important to have an experienced federal criminal defense attorney fighting for you when submitting a § 2255 Motion. We have a history of successfully obtaining relief for our clients in these matters.  We will suggest a case review to determine how we will fight on your behalf, and if we don’t think we can help you, we will tell you.

After your case review, should you choose to hire us to fight for your loved one, we will file all possible motions and appeals to have your loved one’s sentence reduced or vacated. If your loved one was unfairly convicted, a motion to vacate the conviction or sentence may offer a chance to get them out of jail, and back with their family.

Once the judge hands down a sentence in a federal criminal trial, it can feel like a defendant has lost their case. Of course, the defendant and their family believes that any chance at freedom is gone, and that the defendant will now have to spend many years in prison.

But all is not lost. Many defendants miss an opportunity to challenge their conviction, which can result in their sentence being reduced or being freed from prison altogether. We have extensive experience and success with 2255 motions, and would like to offer a complimentary call for you to discuss your case with us.

2255 Motion or case review

§ 2255 Motions – Including Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

2255 motions provide an opportunity for a defendant to move to have their sentence or conviction vacated or request a re-sentencing. Under federal code 28 U.S.C. § 2255, a prisoner who claims the right to be released on the grounds that their prison sentence was imposed in violation of the Constitution, the court did not have the authority to impose such a sentence, or the sentence was unlawfully excessive, may file a motion to set aside or correct the sentence.

Except where the case conclusively shows the defendant would not be entitled to relief under the motion, the court should grant the defendant a hearing on the matter. If the court finds that either the defendant was right and the sentence was not proper, the judgment was rendered without proper jurisdiction, or there were other constitutional rights violations, the court can vacate the judgment, re-sentence the defendant, or even grant a new trial.

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