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3582 Relief as Parental Caregiver

Inmate Receives 3582 Relief for Being only Caregiver to Parents: US v. Bucci

All, we’ve been monitoring several cases that deal with the ability to receive relief under the Reduction in Sentence provisions in 18 U.S.C. § 3582, the “Compassionate Release” statute. United States of America vs. Bucci, 04-10194-WGY, decided September 16, 2019, is another example of how the inmate population can use that statute to their advantage.

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extraordinary and compelling

Extraordinary and Compelling Circumstances in Compassionate Release

The FIRST STEP Act’s changes to 3582 potentially open the door for wide latitude for courts to reduce sentences if the court finds that they have the ability to determine if “extraordinary and compelling circumstances” exist to do so.  As shown here, this can apply in what could be considered a “normal compassionate release” situation. But there are other situations where it could also apply that might affect your loved one.

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