What We Do

The Law Office of Jeremy Gordon represents individuals in all Federal Crimes throughout the United States. This Includes:

Fraud Charges
Government Investigations/Target Letters
Health Care Fraud Charges
Identity Theft and Computer Fraud Charges
Money Laundering
Sex Crimes
Conspiracy Charges
Federal Drug Charges
And All Other Crimes Across the United States.

About the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon:

Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has been an award winning federal criminal defense firm since 2012. We have had favorable outcomes in more than 70 cases in the past four years. Our entire staff is committed to providing excellent service to our clients and their families. We encourage you to contact our office today to visit with us on how we might be able to help you or your loved one get the representation they deserve. You can also add us on Facebook or Twitter.  You can sign up for our newsletter below.

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