About Us

About Us

Jeremy Gordon and the rest of the team at Gordon Defense understand that facing federal charges and mounting a federal criminal defense case can be overwhelming. Because of that, we want you to know more about us and how we work so that you can be assured that we have the passion, knowledge, experience and resources to champion your case and help you aggressively build your defense.

Because the successful outcome of an appeal relies mainly on the attorney’s written brief, (and in some cases, on a very short oral argument), it’s important that you hire an attorney who knows how to submit an effective appeal. Jeremy has been admitted to every circuit court of appeals in the U.S. (including the Supreme Court), and has won many appeals for his clients. In the past four years alone, the firm has had successful outcomes in more than 70 cases.

You may ask: “Why is it important to choose an attorney who specializes in federal criminal law?”  The most important thing to remember is that in federal criminal cases, the stakes are higher. Defendants who are charged with federal crimes typically face high statutory maximum sentences and large financial penalties, including fines and forfeiture.

Having been a prosecutor, Jeremy knows that typically, Federal prosecutors have competitive personalities and want to win “big” cases. Most Federal prosecutors are not overwhelmed with large caseloads, and can afford to spend a lot of time and resources on working on a single case. This puts most defendants at a disadvantage from the beginning.

You want someone who will champion you and your loved one, who will fight for you, listen to you, be honest with you and communicate with you. Contact us TODAY for a complimentary call to discuss your case.

Our Team

Gordon Defense has an outstanding team of passionate and seasoned professionals. This team of Legal Assistants, Paralegals and other professionals work to make sure that every client and their loved ones has a positive experience when working with our office. Each member of the Gordon Defense Team is dedicated to providing aggressive and ethical representation to our clients.

Clients Plus

Some people think practicing law is mostly writing briefs and drafting motions; however, the best attorneys know that customer service is 90% of the practice of law.

The truth is that our clients often can’t appreciate our advocacy work in the courtroom or our document-drafting ability. While we work hard to have positive outcomes in all our cases, we have come to know that our clients will always know, and remember if we returned phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion.

We believe this so much, we’ve created our very own customer service policy called “Clients Plus” service.

About the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon:

Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, the Law Office of Jeremy Gordon has been an award winning federal criminal defense firm since 2012. We have had favorable outcomes in more than 70 cases in the past four years. Our entire staff is committed to providing excellent service to our clients and their families. We encourage you to contact our office today to visit with us on how we might be able to help you or your loved one get the representation they deserve. You can also add us on Facebook or Twitter.  You can sign up for our newsletter below.

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